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US Government Higher Ed
Launchcast New York Times Webster's Photoshop AltaVista US Census Michigan
Miles Davis Wall Street Journal* OED* MS FrontPage Google Firstgov Wisconsin
The Doves CNN


Netscape Comp Excite Fedstats Washington
Super Furry Anims Nat Public Radio Encarta IP Addresses HotBot Cent Intel Agency UCLA
Eric Clapton CSPAN

NE Journ of Med

Search IP Address InfoSeek State Department Texas A&M
Beck Time Magazine


Download dll files Lycos Natl Security Agency Minnesota
Beatles Nat Geographic Grammar Guide Apple Computers Magellan Dept of Defense Penn State
Bob Dylan Herald-Leader Booknotes Sun Microsys Metacrawler Fedworld Ohio State
John Mayall E! Online The Atlantic Dell Computers Ask Jeeves NASA Ill-Champ-Urb
Temptations Weather Channel Essay Writing EDTN DirectHit US Commerce Dept Arizona
Queens Stone Age FOX Nobel e Museum Intro to Java Fast Internal Rev Service Florida
Steve Winwood UK Jobs Books Online WinZip  Hmpg Dogpile Fed Bureau of Invest Texas
Bill Withers News Hour (PBS) Linguistics Western Digital Yahoo United Nations NC State

Linkin Park

US News JAMA Wrenchead Oingo US Dept of Agriculture Georgia

Rolling Stones

The Nation

Harper's Netscape Src Cds Deja News The White House HP North Carolina

50 Cent





Official Executive Web Maryland
Slim Shady




Engines WW

Treasury Department Purdue


Vital Statistics


Ultimate Engine

US Mint Iowa

The Doors




Complete Planet

FDA Virginia


*Higher Ed links are UK Benchmarks

All Things UK





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Research on the Web

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This site is intended for use as an educational directory of sites on the World Wide Web.  With just a few exceptions, most of the sites listed above can be viewed free of charge.  Sites like Britannica and the Wall Street Journal offer free trial periods, whereas all the rest of the sites listed in the main are free.  Pay sites are designated with an asterisk (*), but there are so many good sources for information that we shouldn't have pay for anything.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

The initial statements appearing on this page are intentionally offered to thwart ads for "term papers," and such. I do not endorse plagiarism.   

Web-based Training

Will all the tech skills you learn today be obsolete in two years' time as some say?  Probably not, but you still might want to check out Executrain's web site on the University of Kentucky's server.  You can use Executrain for free if you're a student, staff member or faculty at UK.  Executrain's not a bad place to begin if you're interested in getting the training to pass a C++ certification test or beyond.  You can get training for certification in 400 areas, including everything Microsoft.  

Go to UK's Information Systems or Desktop Training pages to find out more.  It's well worth it for those lucky few who have the discipline and the time to conduct web-based training.  You'll need a login, which you can obtain through Desktop Training Services. 

Selected Bookmarks from a long and growing list in no certain order.  Brief annotations.

Know of a good site?  Recommend changes or additions?  What follows are links to pages and sites that I've come across in the last few years.  Some have been included for former students.  Others appear for their interest and uniqueness, but I suppose a disclaimer is in order: I've listed these sites as references for the purpose of academic discussion and open debate. So don't get the wrong idea: I don't necessarily endorse or challenge any of the beliefs present in the names, titles, or articles appearing below  Please bear in mind that this list is continually developing.  Everything listed here falls under the general heading of public domain, meaning it can be freely accessed by individuals with an internet connection and can be used in an intellectual or educational context without fear of criminal prosecution. 

Cyberlaw Journal Although a lot of educators consider the web to be a place of of eternal searches, a never-ending quest for relevant data and information, it's my aim to categorize information in a way that can be readily accessed.  Questions?  Comments?  Criticisms?  Refer to the link to my email below.  Happy browsing.
Is Linking Illegal? 
The Legality of Linking
Freedom of Information Office of Justice and Privacy




Ezines & Essays

A Potpourri of Views
Postmodern Theory Postmodern Theory at the Department of Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand.
Orion Online The Magazine of Culture, Creativity and Change.
Smithsonian Magazine Smithsonian Online.
Salon.com Ezine. Mostly Left-wing. Good articles & essays, but largely biased and considered non-academic.
Partisan Review Boston University Site.  Not much to be found for nonsubscribers.
Democratic Underground Leftist org.  Info & chat. Highly politicized, but many good articles. Non-academic.
Acton Institute: "Public Schools: Crisis and Cure" An askance view of American public schools by a right-wing org.  Non-academic.
Black Electorate Conservative site for black republicans.
Is Communism Dead? Table: ten components of communism as compared to the USA.
Slate.com Michael Kinsley's site.
United States Supreme Court Cornell Site with Info & history
Cornell Review Apparently a right-wing student org.
Anarchist Cookbook FAQ Statement by the original author, William Powell.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Right-wing org.  Highly politicized. Conservative bias.  Lynn Cheney's group. 
No Such Thing as Free Speech A '94 interview with Stanley Fish.
Public Culture Site for modern intellectuals.  Abstracts.
National Law Journal Provides timely legal information of national importance.
Politics In the Classroom Essay by Lynn Cheney. 
Academic Ignorance and Black Intelligence Essay by William Labov in the Atlantic.
No Shades of Gray Essay by Joseph Sabia appearing in the Cornell Review.
Untruth in Academe Essay that originally appeared in Salon.
The Prison-Industrial Complex Essay by Eric Schlosser appearing in the Atlantic.
Nobel e-Museum Official Web Site of the Nobel Foundation.
A Citizen's Response to the National Security... Essay by Wendell Berry on 9/11 and the aftermath.
Ranting Against Cant Harold Bloom on Shakespeare, Multiculturalism, Feminism, and Literary Theory.  Interview.
Crossing Borders Richard Rodriquez on bilingual education, culture, race, and the "melting pot."  Interview.
Pacific News Service Selected Essays and commentaries by Richard Rodriquez.
Intellectuals High Flying Stuff
Lacan Lacan chronology, bibliography, lots of unrelated material.  Kind of a weird site. Chat.
Derrida Online A site devoted to the philosopher/Deconstructionist.
Deconstructing Derrida More on religion than Deconstruction here.
Karl Marx Biography.  Lots of good links.
Virginia Woolf Society A truly good site for readers & researchers interested in Woolf.
The Foucault Pages A list of the works of Michael Foucault, along with online essays, discussion groups.
Mark Fonda's Freud Page Good site on Freud.  Essays, historical data, runinations.
Burying Freud List of essays on Freud.  Some good, some not.

Toulmin Project Page

Useful for writers, students of rhetoric.  Anatomy of argument explained..
Chomsky Chomsky.com.  Essays & articles.
Chomsky for Philosophers Essays on linguistics, language and culture.
William Labov Homepage Devoted to language and linguistics.
Piaget Jean Piaget Society.
Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche Society.
Sartre Biography.  Selected Works.
Hegel Hegel Society of America.
Skinner B.F. Skinner Foundation.
D'Souza Dinesh D'Souza's Website.
James Joyce James Joyce Society
American Political Parties Politics as Usual
Democratic National Committee The American Democratic Party Official Site.
Republican National Committee The American Republican Party Official Site.
Independent American Party The Independent American Party Official Site.
Green Party The American Green Party Official Site.
Libertarian Party The American Libertarians' Official Site.
American Communist Party The American Communists' Official Site.
American Socialist Party The American Socialists' Official Site.
American Nazi Party The American Nazis' Official Site.
Notable Speeches More Potpourri
Crisis In The American Universities A wonderful, riveting '91 speech by Camille Paglia at Cambridge, Mass.
King's "I Have a Dream" Speech Delivered on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963.
Crimes of the Stalin Era A 1956 speech by Nikita Kruschev.
Reagan's "Evil Empire" Speech Delivered to the British House of Commons, June 8, 1982.
JFK's "Man on the Moon" Speech At Rice University, Sept. 12, 1962.
JFK's "What Is a Liberal?" Speech Acceptance of the New York Liberal Party Nomination, September 14, 1960.
Nixon's Resignation Speech Nixon's address to the nation announcing his resignation, August 8, 1974.
Rigoberta Menchu Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, December 10, 1992.
Jimmy Carter Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, December 10, 2002.
Bill Clinton Address to the nation following the Lewinski scandal, August 17, 1998.
Mikhael Gorbachev Speech on the dissolution of the Soviet Union, December 25, 1991.
History Various Sites
The Roman Empire Extensive site dedicated to Ancient Rome.
Ancient Greece Art, architecture, mythology, geography, history, wars, mythology, and resources.
Ancient Geography Classical Mythology by geographical region.

Bryan's Station

Compiled from various sites.  A brief history of the first settlement in Fayette Co.
Daniel Boone A short history of the frontiersman from the original Filson publication.
Wounded Knee Links, info & essays devoted to Wounded Knee.
Mark Twain's Stint as a Confederate Soldier Good historical info.  Links.
Biographies of America's Founding Fathers Contains 103 biographical sketches of America's founding fathers.
Historynet Site with lots of links.
Misc. Movements & Organizations Activism
Greenpeace International A non-profit organization in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.
Black Panthers Site with history & Info. 
Cato Institute Non-profit policy research foundation in Washington, DC. Some good articles.
Women Writers An Ezine.
Popcultures Popcultures.com. 
Socialism and Democracy Online Good site.  Concerned mainly with African politics, race, and modern political movements.
John Birch Society Far right site. 
NAMBLA North American Man/Boy Love Association. Probably not a mainstream site.
Feminism, Gender Studies Third-wave Feminism, etc.
A Taxonomy of Feminist Intellectual Traditions A good place to begin thinking about what we mean when we say "feminism."
National Organization for Women (NOW) Mainstream feminist site.  Many good articles.
Equityfeminism.com Essays & Links.
A Taxonomy of Men's Studies New concept? 
Queertheory.com Site devoted to Queer Theory.
French Feminism A bibliography.
Alliance of Independent Feminists Harvard Law School Organization. Right-wing.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literature University of Illinois at UC site.  Lots of links.
Religion Various Sites
Center for the Study of Religion University of California Los Angeles.
English Literature and Religion Database and electronic texts.
Center for Religion, Ethics, and Social Policy Cornell University Site.
Darwin Fish Page devoted to the phenomenon of Darwin Fish that appear on the backs of cars.
Pop Music/Culture Journalism Various Sites
Pause and Play Description of fifty years of American pop music.
Rolling Stone Magazine Jann Wenner's publication.
Wired Conde Nast Publications. 



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